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About Bozz Prints

Bozz Prints is a creative powerhouse founded by John Bosley (Bozz) in Des Moines, IA back in 2015. Specializing in prints, posters, and shirts, John grew Bozz Prints from it’s humble beginnings in his basement, to a full blown brick and mortar shop in West Des Moines’ Historic Valley Junction. Inspired by a love of travel, architecture, and the scenery that surrounds us, John is all about making timeless designs to honor the places and landmarks we all know and love.

Bozz is always up for cool freelancing and design opportunities. If you'd like to work together, shoot us an email at and we'll talk. It's also a great place to reach John if you want to discuss the latest Star Wars spoiler.


Who makes all this stuff?

Everything is 100% designed and illustrated by our small design team in our West Des Moines-based shop. All of the art prints are designed, printed, cut, and sleeved in house. We screen-print our shirts and apparel locally in Des Moines, Iowa and we source the rest of our products as locally as we can. 

Okay, so why "Bozz"?

That's an easy one, our founder's last name is Bosley and it's been his nickname for as long as he can remember. He's always signed his art as "Bozz" and it seemed like the right thing to name the company once he got started. 

How'd you get started?

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Iowa State University, John bounced around a bunch of boring/non-art jobs until ultimately becoming the lead designer at Raygun back in 2009. It was during his time at Raygun that John learned everything he knows about screen printing and how to design goods for commerce (an incredibly useful skill!). John loved working there and came up with a ton of best-selling designs during his tenure, but he was really itching to do his own thing and spread his illustration wings a bit more. Thus, Bozz Prints was born. Soon after, he decided to quit his steady job of nearly six years and John hasn't looked back since.

Does Bozz Prints offer wholesale rates?

We do! If you're interested in carrying Bozz Prints products in your shop, you can find us on Faire. Click the link below to find out more or check out our wholesale page.

Do you accept commissions?

Definitely! We are always open to cool and unique freelancing and design opportunities depending on the team's schedule. Email us at and let's collaborate!


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