Midwest Living Magazine Cover

Recently, I had the opportunity to illustrate the cover for the May/June issue of Midwest Living. I'm a big fan of all things Midwest so it was a real honor to get my work on the front of such a cool magazine! I'm still kind of freaking out about it, but a huge thanks goes out to Meredith Publishing and Creative Director Kylee Krizmanic. 

Let's jump right into the process, shall we? The initial idea was to create a modern take on traditional National Park posters (what I do best!) using either Michigan's Isle Royale or Nebraska's Chimney Rock. We also explored a cover made solely of park patches along with the idea of placing a hiker in the foreground of the first images.





Ultimately, we decided to move forward with the first Isle Royale-inspired sketch and I started to develop the composition a bit further. The silhouetted hikers immediately got bumped to the left in order to have a better eye line and flow.


After some back and forth we continued to tweak and push the color palette a bit and until we landed on the final cover. More space was freed up in the center to make way for text and cover lines. I really think we nailed it and I love our modern take on the final art. 

Again, I can't thank Kylee and her team enough for such a sweet gig. It's super cool to see my work in print like this and hopefully you'll be seeing more magazine covers from me in the future.