Who makes all this stuff?

Everything is 100% designed and illustrated by me (John) in my Des Moines-based studio. I screen print all of my designs by hand on a vacuum press I built with my Dad, and I have friends that print all of my shirts locally. My small prints and mugs are also made locally using USA made materials as often as possible. With the poster printing, I'll occasionally outsource my larger jobs and client work to a great screen printing shop in KC by the name of Vahalla Studios.

Okay, so why "Bozz"?

That's an easy one. My last name is Bosley and it's been my nickname for as long as I can remember. I've always signed my art with it and it seemed like the right thing to name the company after once I got started. 

How'd you get started?



What's your creative process?




Okay, so WHY do you make all this stuff?



Do you accept commissions?


How does your shipping work?



What's your exchange policy?

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Iowa State University, I bounced around a bunch of boring non-art jobs until ultimately becoming the lead designer at Raygun back in 2009. It was during my time at Raygun that I learned everything I know about screen printing and how to design goods for commerce (an incredibly useful skill!). I loved working there and came up with a ton of best-selling designs while I was at it, but I was really itching to do my own thing and spread my illustration wings a bit more. Thus, Bozz Prints was born. I soon decided to quit my steady job of five and half years (scary feelings!) and haven't looked back since.


Whenever I get an idea for a design, I usually start researching and sketching to figure out the look I'm going for. Once an idea/sketch is settled on, I'll start drawing the final art using Adobe Photoshop on my Cintiq graphics tablet. From there I'll export my art into black layers that can be turned into films which are "burned" on to screens. I then screen print the design onto precut paper stock using colors that I mix by hand. Each print is placed on the drying rack and I repeat this process for each color until the print run is complete. I know I'm making screen printing sound a lot simpler than it actually is but hopefully you get the picture. Most of my designs are made from start to finish in about 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity. 

I just love creating designs based on well known places, landmarks, and streetscapes. I started making Des Moines designs first and then I gradually expanded into other cities as I grew. Traveling to new places has always been my biggest source of inspiration and my goal is to make a print/design for every city and state on the map. Simply put, these "travel" posters are my small way of paying homage to the great geographical and architectural history that surrounds us.


Definitely! I'm always up for cool freelancing and design opportunities. Email me at and let's collaborate!


I typically send out orders twice a week and everything is shipped via USPS Priority from my studio in Des Moines. Prints come rolled in sturdy kraft tubes, small prints ship flat, shirts ship in durable poly-mailers, mugs get wrapped and boxed, AND postcards come in small stay-flat mailers. Tracking numbers are sent with each order and if something accidentally breaks or bends I'm happy to replace it.


Exchanges are no problem, especially with T-Shirts. Just email me at and I'll get you taken care of. Returns are okay as long as it's within 2 weeks of purchase, and the item is still in unused / unworn / mint condition. Email me for details.