February 03, 2023 2 min read

Hailing from the Cedar Rapids area (Benton County represent!) Jacob has been around since the beginning of Bozz Prints.  After he quit his previous full-time job to pursue freelance design, he began looking for ways to make some extra income. At the same time, John (Bozz) had just opened up his Valley Junction storefront and welcomed the extra help. Jacob started picking up a few hours at the store each week and helping at Bozz’s Downtown Farmer’s Market booth. Bozz Prints turned out to be a great fit for Jacob and he joined the team full-time in 2021. 

“I love working at Bozz Prints because it keeps me on my toes while still doing things that I love,” Jacob said.

Jacob plays an important role in Bozz Prints’ operations. He not only gets to continue to design and create, but he also helps with printing, shipping, ordering supplies, and the daily tasks associated with running a small business. 

“I always have something to do. I’m able to oversee a product from an idea to reality and then watch people come [into] the store and buy or ship it to someone across the country. It’s a good feeling when you see that happen,” Jacob said. 

When Jacob isn’t at work, he’s probably with his wife Laura, of ten years. The couple lives in Beaverdale with their two dogs, Django and Benny. Together, Jacob and Laura travel, bike, and watch their favorite sports teams like the Iowa Hawkeyes, and the St. Louis Cardinals. But they love their TV too.

“We watch a LOT of TV, if there is a TV show you want to talk about, there is a good chance we’ve seen it. We do pretty much everything together which is nice,” Jacob said.


Interview by Colson Thayer - Drake Journalism '25

John Bosley
John Bosley

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