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If you've been to Downtown Des Moines, there’s a chance (and we are willing to put serious money down) that you've seen the bright red, large umbrella that looms over the city. This iconic neon sign has been a downtown staple for ages but here's some things that you maybe you didn't know (hashtag knowledge!)

What’s the Deal with the Travelers Insurance Sign?

While a lot of people haveseen the Travelers Sign in Downtown Des Moines, not as many people know the history behind it. The sign is actually a logo forTravelers Insurance. This insurance company had once called the Insurance Exchange Building home for their Des Moines location. However, now that they are gone, the sign still remains up in the skyline of the city. 

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Picture Perfect Des Moines Landmark

This landmark has been featured in the background of quite a few pictures throughout the years. Des Moines locals,  including most Iowa photographers, know of a special spot on top of a downtown parking garage that gets the Travelers sign and its photogenic glow perfect in the background. 

Interestingly enough, so many people have used that parking garage to get pictures with the sign that it had momentarily been banned for people to park there and use the top level for pictures.

Fun Facts About the Des Moines Travelers Sign

This red neon sign was originally revealed on the skyline on Nov. 1, 1963, and has been glowing ever since! 

It is the largest neon sign in Iowa, and is really the only sign that has the same kind of magnitude and appeal!

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